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Theory Test UK 2016 PRO

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App approved by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). With Theory Test UK 2016 PRO you will learn easy the driving theory and pass tests successfully. FEATURES:
★ OFFICIAL DVSA Theory Test questions for UK car drivers★ Advertise is disabled completely★ View full explanations for each question★ Highway code UK 2016★ Test score★ Modern and frendly to use interface★ Work on mistakes mode★ Road Signs UK 2016 test
IntroductionRules for pedestrians (1 to 35)Rules for users of powered wheelchairs and powered mobility scooters (36 to 46)Rules about animals (47 to 58)Rules for cyclists (59 to 82)Rules for motorcyclists (83 to 88)Rules for drivers and motorcyclists (89 to 102)General rules, techniques and advice for all drivers and riders (103 to 158)Using the road (159 to 203)Road users requiring extra care (204 to 225)Driving in adverse weather conditions (226 to 237)Waiting and parking (238 to 252)Motorways (253 to 273)Breakdowns and incidents (274 to 287)Road works (288 to 307)Direction signs on roads and motorwaysInformation signsLight signals controlling trafficRoad markingsRoad signs giving ordersRoad works signsSignals by authorised personsSignals to other road usersTraffic signsVehicle markingsWarning signs
Be careful on the roads :)